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5 days – 5 topics – one of them: Media Training with Kiki Maeder

Von Colette Dupont, März 26, 2024

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The February block was a whirlwind of learning, covering diverse areas such as media training, the transformation index of companies, data-driven decision making, AI tools and entrepreneurial finance. It was indeed an inspiring week! Each topic was engaging in its own right, but allow me to give you some details on the first day’s focus: Media Training with Kiki Maeder.

Our day began with insightful inputs from Contcept Communication GmbH, where we for example learned strategies to extricate from a shitstorm and the elements that elevate brands like UBER to “lovebrand” status. We also explored the current challenges faced by various media companies. Engaging in case studies set the stage for a more hands-on experience, where we switched roles and stepped into the shoes of interviewees, guided by Kiki Maeder.

The task seemed straightforward in theory but proved to be challenging in practice. We found ourselves in the hot seat, acting as company representatives in a crisis situation facing the camera and journalists. Kiki Maeder provided valuable guidance on handling tough questions. Here are five key tips she shared:

  • Refrain from using provocative words and responding to allegations in questions.
  • Avoid repeating insinuations and false statements.
  • Skillfully sidestep questions by employing ‹bridging› tactics, offering alternative points of discussion.
  • Emphasize positive and clear communication.
  • Treat emotionally charged questions with genuine understanding

While these tips completely made sense for all of us, applying them in a simulated pressurized environment highlighted their complexity. Our key takeaway was the importance of proactive engagement with journalists, especially in challenging situations and the necessity of extensive practice in responding effectively. Watching and analysing our performances on video was both enlightening and entertaining. And it was filled with laughter, like very often in our class.

Kiki Maeder

Sources: Kiki Maeder’s session / Picture: own picture / Spelling and reformulating: ChatGPT


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